• Is the app available free of cost?

Yes, we offer Lite version for free where you will get to enjoy limited features (50 frames and 5 flipbooks only). To enjoy unlimited frames and exciting features, upgrade to our Ad free full version by paying a nominal charge.

• Is it a drawing app or animation app?

FlipIt is an animation app where you prepare multiple frames / slides with different drawings. When these frames are played together sequentially, it creates an animation effect. See our demo videos to get an overview of how to use the app.

• Is there any limit in using frames, slides and layers?

Yes, if you are using the free version of the app, there are certain limitations (50 frames and 5 flipbooks only). But as you unlock the paid version with our discounted nominal charge, there is no limitation to your usage of frames, slides and layers.

• Is FlipIt compatible with iPad and iPhone?

FlipIt is Compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iphone touch.

• Can I share my video with friends?

Yes, you can upload your animation video on YouTube via network connection.

• Is there any limit in FlipIt App?

As you upgrade to the paid version of FlipIt, there is no limitation to its usage. 999 frames is the technical limit for the maximum number of frames that you can add in an animation movie. For older devices we recommend staying under 400 frames.