How to Use The Application

Manage Movies
Drawing and Animation
Manage Layer
Play Animation
Create Movie:
To get started you need to create a new movie. This can be done from the Manage movie page. Press the “+” icon at the top right of the page and a popup dialog box will ask you to enter the name of your movie. If you do not enter a name it will be called “untitled”.
Manage Movie:
The ‘Movie preview’ & control icon is used to access, unlock, change BG color, share and delete the movie. The movie is unlocked by default and user can lock it if he doesn’t want to make changes in it. If the movie has not been previewed even once you will see Render preview icon. Tap on the render preivew icon to preview the movie. If it has been previewed you will see the play icon. The play icon allows you to preview the movie in place. Once the preview starts, tap on the full screen icon to view the movie in full screen. Tap anywhere outside the play button to start editing the movie. Tap on the movie name to edit the name.
Full Screen Preview:
User can preview the movie in full screen mode. At the top user will see the movie name. At the bottom there are 4 icons – Previous Movie, Play Movie, Play Movie in a Loop and Next Movie.
Canvas Tools:

The draw frame will have the above tools. The tool menu at the top has the following icons:

  1. Menu/Preview Tool: This icon shows the current tool in use and you can tap to see the main menu.
  2. Move & Rotate: Tap on the icon to activate move and rotate tool. Move the drawing anywhere and rotate it by any degree after that.
  3. Duplicate frame: Duplicate the current frame to create a new after that.
  4. Undo and redo: Undo to delete your last move. Redo to get back what you lost by undo.

Toolbar at the bottom has the following icons:

  1. Navigate (): Tap on navigate icon to see move to first and move to last frame icons.
  2. Previous frame: Tap on previous icon to navigate to previous frame.
  3. Manage layer: Tap to manage layers within a frame.
  4. Search: Tap on search icon to search for a frame by its number.
  5. Next frame: Tap on next icon to navigate to next frame. In case you are in the last frame it adds a new frame.
  6. Scrubber: Tap on Scrubber icon to manually drag and preview the animation with the help of slider.
Main Menu Tools:

Tap on the menu/tool preview icon to access the main menu. The menu has all the controls required to help you draw and animate. All the icons are function as explained below:

  1. Manage Movie: Tap on manage movie icon to go back to manage movies screen.
  2. Play Movie: Tap on play movie to play the animation you created.
  3. Brush: The brush or drawing tool is used to create your drawings. It can be varied in size within the min / max range by using slider below.
  4. Eraser: The eraser tool is used to delete/erase part of your drawing. It can be varied in size within the min / max range by using slider below.
  5. Color: Tap on color to see the manage color tool. Selected color is shown here.
  6. Zoom: The frame can be zoomed in and out by using the two-finger pinch method. You cannot zoom out to less than the full frame.
  7. Manage Frame: Tap to open the Manage frame screen.
  8. Color Picker: With the color picker tool you can select a color from the drawing board and use it. The color does not get saved to your color palette.
  9. Change Background: Tap on background change to see the various options that can be set as a background for all the frames.
  10. Move & Rotate: Move the drawing anywhere and rotate it freely.
  11. Onion Skin: Onion Skinning tool allows you to switch on/ off the onion skinning effect for one frame before or after the current frame.
Manage Color Tool:
The color palette tool has 16 preset colors. Preset colors have a golden border. Custom colors can be added by varying the color, shade and transparency. These colors can be added to the color palette by tapping on add icon. Custom colors have a grey border. Custom colors can be deleted by pressing(for long) on the color. To reset the color palette tap on reset button.
Manage Layer Tool:
The layer tool allows you to manage layers within a frame. It provides you the flexibility to try out something and keep it if you like it or delete if you don’t. To select a layer select the checkbox next to layer name.Layers visibility can be turned on or off by tapping on the eye icon. Green dot signifies the current layer. To merge 2 layers select the layers and tap on merge layer button. Tap on edit icon to delete or move layers. To delete tap on the delete icon that appears after you tap on edit. Tap and drag a layer to move the layer to a new position.
Manage Frames:
Manage Frames screen shows all the existing screens. Tap on select and chose to select all the frames or select few frames manually. After selecting any frame cut, copy and paste icons will be enabled. Cut the selected frame to move it to a new position. Copy a frame to make duplicate copy of the frame. Paste the copied frame to create a new frame after the selected frame. Tap on search to look for a frame by its number. Tap on done to go back to previous screen.
Select Background:
The movie background can be altered from this screen. Selecting the background changes the background for all the frames in that movie. There are several backgrounds that are free to use and the remaining are unlocked after purchasing the paid version of the app.
Move & Rotate Tool:
The frame can be freely rotated by rotating the circular rotation icon that appears at the top left of the screen. The frame can be moved by simply holding and dragging anywhere on the frame.
Preview Movie:
Play Movie button on the main menu tools opens the movie in preview mode. Play/pause, rewind and forward controls are available while viewing the movie. Slider showing the current frame and total number of frames.Set the playback speed in terms of frames per second(fps) by using the slider at the bottom.

Use single finger for a long press anywhere on the screen to call up the shortcut menu containing brush, eraser, zoom, copy, and paste and color picker icon.

You can copy and paste the drawing from one frame to another or on the same frame itself. To do this you need to tap on the copy icon, after which the paste icon is activated. Once activated you can go to any frame and paste the drawing that you have copied.

Gesture Control – 2 Finger tap:
Two finger tapping on any area of the screen calls up the main menu.
Gesture Control – 3 Finger tap:
Three fingers tapping anywhere on the screen allows you to cycle through brush, eraser, color and color picker tools.
User will get the following options here:
  1. Youtube post – Share your animation in the form of video via YouTube.
  2. Add to photo library – Save movies you created to your device library.
  3. Share with Facebook – Share your animation in the form of video via Facebook.
  4. Export frame to pdf – Share your frames in the form of pdf via Mail.
  5. iDrive – Share your frames in the form of pdf via iDrive.
  1. 1. Free Version:
  • Maximum of 50 frames supported per movie.
  • Maximum of 5 movie.
  • Ads at the bottom of all screens
  • Access to 12 free backgrounds
  1. 2. Unlock background ($0.99):
  • All backgrounds will be unlocked
  1. 3. Full Version ($1.99):
  • Unlimited movies
  • Unlimited frames per movie clip
  • No more ads
  • All backgrounds will be available.